Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 1
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 1
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 2
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 3
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 4
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 5
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 6
  • Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch  - 7

Subsonic Stream Pack - PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch

VAT included

This kit includes:

1 video capture box

1 USB-USB 3.0 cable (length 60 cm) 

1 camera with 150 CM USB cable attached 

1 microphone 1 tripod 1 Mini USB-USB cable (length 150 cm)

1 user manual characteristics

You will need:

Desktop PC or Laptop 

How to set up:


Streamer pack

Specific References

Pack of 3 video and audio capture accessories for Streaming

Stream your online video game 

Record your FPS, battle Royal and other games from your game console (Playstation 4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, PC) and broadcast them on your Youtube channel.

Broadcast in full HD.

With its video capture box that supports Full HD (1920 x 1080) you will be able to capture a perfect image quality instantly.

Become a Pro Youtuber

Thanks to its video capture box, HD camera and microphone, the Stream Pack allows you to broadcast the game image, your image (webcam) and the sound of your microphone. Ideal for beginners, a user manual is provided to help you edit your first videos.

Video capture box - Stream Box Full HD

- HDMI audio and video input / output

- Compatible: Windows 7, 8, 10, OS X 10.9 and higher, Linux and Android.

- Supported CPU: PC: Intel Core i5-3400 + NVIDIA GT630, Laptop: Intel Core i7-3537U 2.0 GHz + NVIDIA GT735, Mac: i5 quad-core or higher, VGA card supporting DirectX 10, sound card, 4GB RAM

- Resolution: 720x480 (60p), 720x576 (50p), 1280x720p (50p), 1280x720p (60p), 1920x1080 (50i), 1920x1080 (60i), 1920x1080 (24p), 1920x1080 (25p), 1920x1080 (30p), 1920x1080 (50p), 1920x1080 (1920x1080)

- Software compatibility: Streamlabs OBS (Windows), OBS Studio (Windows, OS X), OBS Broadcast (Windows, OS X), X-Split Broadcaster (Windows, OS X), Adobe Flash Media Live -Encoder (Windows, OS X), Real Producer Plus (Windows), QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X), QuickTime Player (OS X), VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux), etc

- Suitable for HD devices such as PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, Blu-ray player, etc.

- Height & weight: 98x58x18 mm, 60gr

HD Camera - Stream Cam HD

- High definition USB camera

- Chipset: Sonix259+99140

- HD video capture: up to 1280 x 720 pixels (720p, 30 FPS)

- Protocol: USB 2.0

- Powerful integrated LED lighting with remote control adjustment on the cable for better image quality in a dimly lit environment

- Compatible with all Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android 4.0 and higher systems

- Adjustable 2 position clamp for placing the camera on flat screens or flat surfaces

- Height & weight: 55x55x85x85 mm, 95gr

Cardioid microphone with tripod -Stream Mic USB Mic

- Large-diaphragm capacitor USB microphone

- Directivity: Cardioid

- Frequency response: 18-20,000Hz

- Sensitivity: -36dB +/- 2dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)

- SPL max : 138dB

- Sampling rate: 16bit/48KHz

- Compatible with all Windows and Mac OS X systems, no driver required

- Screw tripod

- Height & weight: 240x80x80x70 mm, 315gr

1 Single and complete package

The Stream Pack Universal contains all the necessary accessories for video capture and editing.

Its Stream Box box will allow you to instantly broadcast your games on Youtube our Twitch while displaying your image.

Become a Pro Youtuber

Especially designed for beginners, the Subsonic Stream Pack is the essential accessory for gamers who want to broadcast their games on Youtube, Twitch, etc....

User manual provided for simple and easy connection

Thanks to the supplied user manual, connect your accessories quickly and easily (screenshot box, Web Cam, Microphone).

All accessories are equipped with the Plug & Play function.

Compatible with all HD consoles and devices

The stream pack will allow you to stream your game games online from a Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Blu-ray...

Connect your console directly to the HDMI port of your box.

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