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  • Stealth VR 360 Camera Action Pack

    The 360 Virtual Reality Action Pack features the STEALTH VR 360 Action Camera, letting you capture each moment in full 360 so you don't miss a thing. The Camera Mounting Kit allows the Camera to be positioned and used in any situation imaginable and the STEALTH VR100 provides the stage for your memories to be experienced all over again.

    • Batteries required: 1 x Li-Ion (included).
    • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
    • For ages 11.
    £27.00 £89.99 -70%
  • Stealth VR200 Premium Headset

    The VR200 is a premium Mobile VR headset designed to give you the perfect VR experience. 42mm lenses give unrivalled clarity to make your virtual experience completely unforgettable. Breathable leatherette eye padding and headband support ensure that the user is comfortable at all times.

  • Stealth VR100 Mobile VR Experience Bundle

    The VR Experience Bundle contains everything you need to maximise your Mobile VR experience. 

  • Stealth VR50 Headset - Black

    • Compatibility: Works with all smartphones up to 6 inches
    • Android, iOS and Google Cardboard apps.
    • Visual Immersion: Opaque visor (with sliding panel for AR) which blocks out all external visual stimuli.
    • Audio Immersion: Access port for audio headphone connection.
    • Design & Practicality: Striking with leatherette comfort eye padding, held in place by adjustable stretch headband.
    • Lenses: 35mm.
    • Maintenance: Cleaning cloth allows you to keep lenses crystal clear.
  • Stealth VR50 Headset - Blue

    The VR50 is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Mobile VR. A removable tray holds your phone in place while 35mm lenses allow you to immerse fully in your chosen virtual experience. A sliding front makes the VR50 AR compatible by providing access to your phone's camera.