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  • Glass - Assassins Creed

    Maintain your hydration mid-game with this sleek Assassins Creed drinking glass.

    The glass features the iconic Assassins Creed logo in a matt style finish. Perfect for all fans of the game.

    Perfectly sits with our Assassins Creed Metal Coasters.

    Great birthday and/or Christmas gift.

    Officially licensed Assassins Creed product.

  • Pac-Man Glass

    Stay hydrated while gaming with this Pac-Man glass featuring the munching hero himself in a neon lights style design. Perfect for fans of the game, birthdays and Christmas.

    (400ml approx 14fl oz)

    Officially licensed Pac-Man product.

  • SNES Glass

    Stay hydrated when gaming with this retro SNES Glass featuring the iconic SNES logo that will be instantly recognisable to all Nintendo fans.

    Sits perfect on top of our SNES Coasters.

    Officially licensed Nintendo product.

  • Game Boy Colour Change Glass

    Enjoy your refreshments with this colour change glass designed in the style of the classic Game Boy. Simply add a cool beverage and watch the Game Boy magically come to life featuring the classic Super Mario Land screen.

    Officially licensed Nintendo product.

  • Pac-Man Colour Change Glass

    Simply add a cold beverage to see Pac-Man change colour and come to life. A perfect gift for retro gamers.

    Officially licensed Pac-Man product.

  • PlayStation 5 Glass

    This 400ml (14floz) drinking glass features an all-over white finish print with the PlayStation logo in blue plus repeated transparent decals of the iconic action button symbols - triangle, circle, cross, and square - which are instantly recognizable with gamers of all ages.

  • PlayStation Trophy Glass

    Enjoy your next mid-game drinks break in style with this PlayStation Trophy Glass. This trophy shaped glass has embossed PlayStation detailing, meaning you can have a refreshing drink with a vintage gaming twist. Ideal for lovers of the classic PlayStation console, either use this glass as it was intended, or give it pride of place on the shelf in your games room.